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Olive Hawthorne was a white witch who lived in Devil's End.


Early life[]

Olive was born the elder of twin girls. She spent most of her times outdoors and would be bored if she was stuck inside. She had trouble sleeping and had secret fears and phobias that she could not share even with her sister, Poppy. She dreamt of monsters invading the village. Shortly before she died, her grandmother had given her an ankh necklace. (PROSE: The Inheritance)

One night, Olive was awoken by a sound coming from the stables. She went downstairs and outside to investigate where she was confronted with a witch. She told Olive that her name was Lobelia, her great-aunt, and that the Hawthorne family's sole purpose was to protect Devil's End from the evil that it attracted and that becoming a white witch was Olive's birthright. Additionally, Lobelia handed Olive a grimoire that would help her and a bridel to aid in her sleep. Finally, she was told that she would have to choose between good and evil and that the right path would involve many sacrifices.

The next morning, she was awoken by her mother who asked her the whereabouts of Poppy. A large search of the village occurred for months but nothing was found. Olive was devastated. She remembered Lobelia's words regarding sacrifice and felt guilt that somehow she had caused her sister's disappearance.

Two years later during World War II, Olive met a Gypsy Witch who was selling luck charms. She offered Olive anything she wanted if she followed her master, including a reunion with Poppy. She heeded Lobelia's warnings and backed away but not before her eyes turned black. From this point she realised her apprenticeship was over and she was truly the guardian of Devil's End. (HOMEVID: The Inheritance)

The guardian of Devil's End[]

Olive started having visions of a hazy silhouette; she knew he would be important and when she consulted the runes she learnt it was a warning. One night, Olive walked past The Cloven Hoof when she heard the sound of a violin from inside. When confronted with the violinist, Victor, Olive was in awe. He read her mind in regard to her desire for red wine. She returned to the bar the following morning to find out from Ned where he was staying. Once she found out, Olive visited him and the two had a deep conversation where the two sometimes seemingly read each other's minds.

That night, Olive dreamed of him, of his two sides: the calm elegant man she knew and a raging wild man in the mirror. She also dreamed of a baby crying which she interpreted to mean her child by Victor. The two got to know each other very well and they would often talk for hours every day. After a time, Olive suggested that he come and see her runes and crystal ball but he firmly told her to never invite him into her home. She was disappointed at his apparent rejection but assured her it was nothing of the kind and that she would understand in time.

After setting off early to meet him, Olive discovered Victor feasting on a dead deer in the church graveyard with teeth like a vampire. Although initially scared, Olive realised that Victor could have caught her at any moment and he assured her that she was safe and invited her to The Cloven Hoof to explain. He told her of his creation and when Olive suggested that he turn her to share guardianship of Devil's End he adamantly refused, telling her that they would represent it's greatest threat. Victor told her that there was an eclipse the next day and that Olive's charts predicting its occurrence the following month were incorrect. The next day, Olive met him outside and he took off his cloak, exposing his skin to the sunlight. He screamed in agony as he burned to death. Olive understood that he had done it to protect her. His death weighed on her heavily and she kept his ashes in a silver urn until her own death in 2017. (HOMEVID: Half Light)

Fighting Azal[]

She spent weeks warning Professor Horner not to dig at the Devil's Hump tomb on Beltane, believing "the Prince himself is nigh". She was taken by the verger Garvin after failing to be hypnotised by the Master and was tied up and put inside a chest in the village church. Sergeant Benton freed her, and they hid in the cavern beneath the church. Benton was rendered unconscious by a forcefield in the cavern, and Miss Hawthorne carried him to The Cloven Hoof pub when the Dæmon Azal killed Garvin. She saved Benton from an attacking Morris dancer by hitting him over the head with her reticule. Miss Hawthorne and Benton helped stop the villagers from burning the Doctor when they tricked them into believing he was a mighty wizard. (TV: The Dæmons)

Olive took quite a liking to Sergeant Benton, going so far as to ask him to dance with her in celebration of their victory over the Master and in the festive spirit of May Day. (TV: The Dæmons)

Later Life[]

Some time later, Olive was present when the Master returned to his TARDIS — disguised as the Stone of Sacrifice in the cavern beneath the church at Devil's End — following the Sea Devils incident. The Master threatened her with his TCE when the Doctor and Jo Grant arrived, before he made his getaway, leaving her unharmed. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors)

A year after Azal was defeated, Olive dealt with the lingering presence of the Daemon beneath the church. (HOMEVID: Dæmos Returns, PROSE: Dæmos Returns)

In her final year, Olive was visited by Bryony Hawthorne, a distant cousin who was orphaned at birth. Destiny had led Bryony to Devil's End, and Olive was thankful she had someone she was able to teach and pass on her grimoire and protectorship of Devil's End. She taught Bryony many things, but always held a suspicion of her. This was because Bryony was part succubus, and had been killing the men of Devil's End. Olive banished Bryony, though it took most of her energy. (HOMEVID: Hawthorne Blood, PROSE: Hawthorne Blood)


Weak, and about to die, Olive feared for Devil's End, having no successor to protect it once she had gone. Then there was a knock at the door, and Olive was greeted by her sister Poppy, having not aged a day since she went missing. Poppy promised to protect Devil's End once Olive had passed, and soon after Olive died. (PROSE: Epilogue to Olive Hawthorne and the Dæmons of Devil's End)

Behind the scenes[]

The character was originally named Lady Olivia Featherstone. (INFO: The Dæmons)