An old man appeared from nowhere on one of the lowest levels of the Roman Forum in Roma I on the eighth of Januarius in the year MMDCLXI. He spoke a completely unknown language, wore unusual clothes, and claimed to not have a name, so the Romans sent him to a sanatorium in the Alps, where he spent over twenty years without ageing. He also carried a bracelet inscribed with Greek-seeming letters and an ouroboros which allowed the wearer to understand every language and travel between dimensions. Marcus Americanius Scriptor killed him in another Roma after being briefly possessed by the old man's mind control powers.

Later, it was revealed that the old man was a member of the Great Houses who, with twelve accomplices, had escaped the War in Heaven by running away into the alternate Earths; a Cwej-Prime named Abschrift and a monster were both sent to search for him. (PROSE: Warlords of Utopia)

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