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Old Flames was the second short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips. It was written by Paul Magrs. It featured the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. It also saw the first Wiki-acknowledged appearance of Iris Wildthyme, a character who would eventually become a pastiche of the Doctor and gain a multitude of spin-offs, prose and audio alike.


The Doctor and Sarah are staying at the home of Rector Adams, who has rescued the Doctor from near-drowning. The rector has received an invitation to Lady Huntingdon's ball and invites the Doctor and Sarah to accompany him. The Doctor isn't interested and leaves for the TARDIS with Sarah. However, on the way, he discovers a double-decker bus in the woods and decides to attend the ball after all.

At the ball, the Doctor sees Iris Wildthyme and talks with her while Sarah dances with a young man named Turner. Turner's conversation leads Sarah to suspect he is not from this time, and he admits he travels with Iris.

The Doctor speaks with the hostess of the ball, Lady Huntingdon. She gives this ball annually to find suitors for her granddaughter Bella. Whoever marries Bella will inherit Lady Huntingdon's estate. Bella dances first with the Doctor and then with Turner.

At the end of the ball, the Doctor takes a drunk Iris home. She admits that her plan is for Turner to marry Bella and inherit the estate. The Doctor discovers that the double-decker bus is Iris' TARDIS. Meanwhile, Rector Adams leaves the ball without Sarah, who has decided to stay for a bit. She follows Bella and Turner as they sneak out into the garden.

The Doctor and Iris are attacked in her TARDIS by some large creature. They scare it away with some flares. Turner drives Sarah home, but en route they find the mauled body of the rector.

The next day, Iris, Turner, Sarah and the Doctor are dining at Lady Huntingdon's estate. Lady Huntingdon tells Iris that she will allow Turner to marry Bella, but she wants something in return - Iris' TARDIS. She admits to not being from this time and place. Meanwhile Bella tells Sarah that her grandmother is the one who killed the rector.

Angered by Iris' refusal to turn over her TARDIS, Lady Huntingdon attacks Iris. Bella transforms into a tiger to stop her grandmother, who also transforms and runs off to Iris' TARDIS. The Doctor and Iris reach the TARDIS but Iris is attacked by Lady Huntingdon. The Doctor finds a Time Lord message carrier in Iris' TARDIS and traps Lady Huntingdon in it.

Next morning, Iris has left in her TARDIS, leaving Turner behind. Bella agrees to marry him.





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