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Oh No It Isn't! is the first of Virgin Books' range of Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures range of novels. This was the continuation of Bernice Summerfield's story following the loss of the Doctor Who licence. The final story featuring the Eighth Doctor and Bernice Summerfield, The Dying Days, ended with the Doctor taking Bernice to the planet Dellah, where this novel begins.

Publisher's summary[]

"The King's balls get bigger every year!"

Bernice Surprise Summerfield is settling into her new job as Professor of Archaeology at St Oscar's University on the planet Dellah — one of the most prestigious centres of learning in the Milky Way. She wants to put her past, especially her failed marriage, behind her.

So she's glad when she gets the chance to take her tutorial group to investigate the lost civilisation of Perfecton. Three whole weeks of archaeological research in the field. The perfect way to forget your worries.

She doesn't bank on three things.

That Menlove Stokes, Professor of Applied Art, and various other academics would be along for the ride. That vicious alien marauders would decide to explore the planet at the same time. And that a reactivated Perfecton device would plunge her into a situation that can only be described as — panto.

Chapter titles[]

  1. Porterhatch Blues
  2. New Adventures, New Danger
  3. A Comedy Tonight
  4. What Kind of A-Z Would Get You Here?
  5. Beauty and Bernice
  6. A Whole New Ball Game
  7. Fairy Stories
  8. Another Break in the Narrative
  9. Just Deserts and Deeper Plots, and Deadly Danger Looming... Lots!
  10. Raiders of the Seven Dwarves
  11. 'Scuse Me While I Rip the Sky
  12. Imminent Destruction Grief
  13. A Cat in Hell's Chance
  14. Epilogue: Moments of Pleasure


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  • Benny uses Ah A Perfume For An Alien or Human.





  • The novel's title is a reference to a traditional audience participation line common in pantomime productions. Whenever a character on stage says "Oh no it isn't!" the audience calls back "Oh yes it is!" and vice versa.
  • The story started life under the working title Behind You in 1996.[1]
  • This novel was adapted by Jacqueline Rayner as the first Big Finish audio drama (see Oh No It Isn't).
  • There are quite a lot of rude jokes throughout the novel, many of them made by Wolsey. This is likely a reference to the risqué double entendres aimed at the parents in panto theatre.
  • Wolsey confirms Benny's suspicions about human-cat relations when he refers to her as "servant-woman".
  • The image on the cover of this novel actually happens in the novel.
  • This is the first novel published by Virgin following their loss of the Doctor Who licence (it returned to the BBC and they began publishing their Eighth Doctor Adventures and Past Doctor Adventures). As such in this range no direct references are made to BBC-copyrighted elements such as the Doctor or the TARDIS. However, any characters and other elements could be licensed from their creators, as such multiple characters and other elements that previously appeared in other New Adventures appear in this novel and the rest of the BNA range.


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