OhOne was the captain of the ship Obscura in the 49th century. He told the Seventh Doctor and Ace about the Ascenders who thought that the Shockwave was preordained and they would ascend into higher forms. He chose that his ship was to be the last ship to leave Tarsus Ultra, as his crew was the best. He didn't like some of the Doctor's orders but obeyed them. He didn't know what Ace meant by "putting his foot down". He wanted to sacrifice himself to save the Obscura, after it was sabotaged. He was saved by the person who sabotaged the ship. (AUDIO: Shockwave)

Before the collapse of Tarsus Ultra, OhOne married Lyric Erskine whilst travelling with her. After the collapse of Tarsus Ultra, OhOne and Lyric went on their second honeymoon to the Memorial Hotel. Nine months later they had a son, naming him Merrit after Lyric's father. However, Merrit later adopted the codename Guy Taylor. (AUDIO: The Time Machine)

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