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A prologue for Of the City of the Saved... was published online, and included in the 2013 Of the City of the Saved... ebook edition. A slightly truncated version was included in PROSE: This Town Will Never Let Us Go.

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A ripple is spreading throughout the City of the Saved; something is coming. Omens are popping up across the City. Most are ignorant, but a select few more in-tune with mystic elements notice.

Elsewhere in the city, people soon to play an important part in the City's future are coming into position to fulfill their fates. Rick Kithred is in Paynesdown District. Urbanus Ignotus is preparing to visit his grandfather. Ved Mostyn is getting ready for a hot date. Julian White Mammoth Tusk wonders how he's going to pay his detective bills. Laura Tobin plays with a gun. And Godfather Avatar, he is on his way into their lives.

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