Odessa Smith was Mickey Smith's mother and a close friend of Jackie Tyler.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the 1980's, Odessa met Jackie, Sarah, Suzie and Bev and every Wednesday night, they all went out for wine and chips and named themselves the 'Wednesday Girls'.

At some point she met and married Jackson Smith and around 1983, had a son, Mickey, by him.

Around 1986, Jackie gave birth to a baby girl, and the day she was born, Odessa brought Mickey to see Jackie's newly born baby.

As her relationship with Jackson deteriorated, Odessa relied on the 'Wednesday Girls' to cheer her up for the one night of laughter of the week; other nights were darker. According to Jackie, Odessa "could never really cope with money, with men, or anything really". Around 1989, when Mickey was five, feeling that she couldn't cope with life anymore, Odessa quietly took herself to her bedroom and committed suicide. (PROSE: Rose)

Legacy[edit | edit source]

After Odessa's death, according to Rose, Jackson stayed around for a while but "just sort of wandered off", abandoning his son, (TVRise of the Cybermen) and eventually marrying a woman named Josette and moving to Spain, (AUDIO: The Last Party on Earth) leaving Mickey with his grandmother, Rita-Anne Smith. (TVRise of the Cybermen)

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