Odessa Calvin was the daughter of the scientist, Sean Calvin.

The Seventh Doctor managed to convince Sean not to go through with the plan to take over the world, which started a chain of events that led to Sean becoming a parent to Odessa, although he had trouble acting as an actual parent due to his belief that Odessa needed a specific education to encourage her intellect rather than allowing heer to decide what she would be. Sean was eventually forced to use his old equipment to save his planet from an alien invasion, resulting in a journalist learning about his original scheme and forcing Sean to go into unofficial exile.

However, the Doctor mused that his real goal was to ensure that Odessa was left with a positive example to follow, as Calvin's exile was a fixed point in time while the Doctor could only interfere with the chain of events that led to that exile. The Doctor departed with faith that Calvin's final words to his daughter would help her strive to be better and inspire others to do the same, her father's example helping her to recognise that people could not be defined by their mistakes no matter how great those mistakes were. (AUDIOForever Fallen)