Odd Bob's Balloon Blaster was an online video game published on the BBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures website. The game is based on the events of The Sarah Jane Adventures episode The Day of the Clown.

Scenario Edit

Can you prevent Odd Bob's balloon from taking control over the Park Vale pupils? Look out for Odd Bob appearing in balloons.

How to play? Edit

The player has to prevent the balloons from falling down on the pupils buy pressing the right arrows.

There are three levels. In the higher levels the balloons fall down faster and there is a higher score that the player needs to achieve before finishing the level.

In the first level, he needs to get 150 points, in the second level it's 300 points and in the third and last 450 points. For each captured balloon, the player gets 10 points and for a balloon with Odd Bob he gets 30 points.

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