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Cousin Octavia was a human member of Faction Paradox. She was originally Octavia Sutherland, and from Victorian Edinburgh.


Octavia Sutherland was her mother's eighth daughter. She was eleven when her sister Effie died, in 1883. As Effie died, Octavia began to have visions of past and future; she had witchblood. Initially her father beat her for it, but her mother figured out how to make money using her powers. Octavia was forced to work as a medium, entering people's biodata and reordering it to suit her visions. (PROSE: Warring States)

After joining Faction Paradox, Cousin Octavia became friends with Cousin Anastasia. But when Anastasia founded the Thirteen-Day Republic, Octavia sided with the Eleven-Day Empire and was responsible for the Republic's fall. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

While working for the Faction, Octavia went on missions to secret ziggurats on Aztec hilltops, and to Atlantis, Mu, and Eo. (PROSE: Warring States)


Cousin Octavia had green eyes, fine fair hair, sharp cheekbones and a pointed chin. (PROSE: Warring States)

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