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Sextet – An Obverse Celebration was a series of six interconnected novellas released in the second half of 2019 to celebrate Obverse Books' tenth anniversary. It features characters from a variety of Obverse Books' previous releases, including the Iris Wildthyme, Faction Paradox, and The City of the Saved series. The final release, Vanishing Tales of the City, featured characters from all of the other five books.

Publisher's summary[]

From the immortal Seaton Begg to the ageless masked wrestler Señor 105, via the time travelling Manleigh Halt Irregulars and the time terrorism of Faction Hollywood, all the way to trans-temporal adventuress Iris Wildthyme and the apparently eternal City of the Saved, six returning authors have crafted six tales of celebration…


# Title Author Release date
1 The Mystic Menagerie of Iris Wildthyme Nick Campbell 11 November 2019
2 The Rise & Fall of Señor 105 Blair Bidmead
3 The Immortal Seaton Begg Simon Bucher-Jones
4 Hyponormalisation: A Faction Hollywood Production Jonathan Dennis 9 December 2019
5 Closing the Casebook Nick Wallace
6 Vanishing Tales of the City Kara Dennison

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