Oblivioners were a race from the Oblivion.


The Oblivioners were originally humanoid, but they were genetically modified into new forms. Some developed a psychic hive mind. The ruling class were turned into human-animal hybrids, each with a unique appearance. (COMIC: Oblivion)

Destrii, a fish-like Oblivioner. (COMIC: Bad Blood)


The Oblivioners were originally humanoid until the ruling families unleashed a plague onto their enemies which was intended to strip all of the victims' minds bare, but instead transformed its victims into hive minded living generators of psychic energy. These new beings turned the tables on the royal family by transforming them into hybrids of animal and humans to be used for their entertainment. (COMIC: Oblivion)

An Oblivioner named Destrii became a companion of the Eighth Doctor. (COMIC: Bad Blood)

Behind the scenes[]

According to the non-narrative source The Torchwood Archives, Oblivioners had the ability to possess the bodies of others.