Security Commander Nyder was a military officer in the Kaleds' Military Elite and the assistant of Davros.

Following a rescue operation of Davros from a Thal Dome, Davros promoted Nyder from Lieutenant to Security Commander prior to his take-over of the Kaled government. (AUDIO: Guilt) He was Davros's most trusted associate, and his personal aide. Icily efficient, he obeyed Davros' every order.

He was exterminated by the Daleks as he attempted to carry out Davros' instructions to close down the Dalek production line. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)


Nyder was ruthless and utterly loyal to Davros, obeying orders without question. Despite certain misgivings about Davros' complex and indirect schemes (preferring a more conventional military approach) he never wavered and took no issue with the genocide of his own people and the Thals to achieve Davros' goals. His dedication to Davros was so complete that he never gainsaid anything against Davros, causing him to disbelieve the Fourth Doctor's claim to be an alien, because Davros had said there was no inteligent life in the universe apart from the inhabitants of Skaro. Cunning and sly, though not as intelligent as Davros, he still managed to deceive members of the Scientific Elite into revealing their treachery against Davros and helped in their destruction. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

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