Nuclear war

A nuclear war was a war in which nuclear weapons were used. On the worlds on which they were fought, they usually resulted in making the planet mostly or completely uninhabitable.

Nuclear wars on Earth[edit | edit source]

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During the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st century, fear of a third world war was usually connected to the potential for civilisation-destroying nuclear war. (AUDIO: Protect and Survive)

The Vault in Utah was designed to function as a bunker in the event of nuclear war. (TV: Dalek)

In one possible future, nuclear war was amongst the catastrophes that turned the Earth into Orphan 55. (TV: Orphan 55)

Nuclear wars on other worlds[edit | edit source]

On Skaro, the neutronic war between the Dals and the Thals resulted in massive deaths and mutations which eventually led to the creation of the Daleks. (TV: The Daleks)

The Kraals fought many savage atomic wars which devastated their home world Oseidon and reduced their race to a mere handful. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Android Invasion)

The planet Minyos was rendered uninhabitable by nuclear war, which had been indirectly caused by the Time Lords. (TV: Underworld)

Atrios and Zeos were engaged in nuclear war for five years. (TV: The Armageddon Factor)

The planet Argolis was made uninhabitable and the Argolins made sterile after a twenty-minute nuclear war with the Foamasi. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

The Earth colony on Eldair became divided into two superpowers that annihilated each other in a nuclear war. (PROSE: House)

The Panjistri told the Kirithons that the original inhabitants of Kirith had destroyed themselves in a nuclear war, leaving only their ruins behind; this, like everything else the Panjistri told them, was a lie. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Apocalypse)

The civilisation of one planet destroyed itself in a nuclear war after a group of Eternals posed as gods and gave them knowledge of atomic power. (COMIC: Uninvited Guest)

Emmeron was embroiled in a nuclear war by the time that the Second Great Dalek Occupation began. It was reduced to a Stone Age level by the Alliance Daleks. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter One)

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