Now We Are Six Hundred: A Collection of Time Lord Verse was a collection of poetry written by James Goss and illustrated by Russell T Davies.

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With illustrations by Russell T Davies, original showrunner of the new-era Doctor Who, the first ever Doctor Who poetry collection—a charming, funny and whimsical illustrated collection of verse that celebrates the joys and pitfalls of getting older . . . Time-Lord older.

Like many of us, the older they get, the more Time Lords realize how little they understand the universe around them. This delightful collection of poems—the first volume of Doctor Who verse published—offers moments of insight, wit, and reassurance for the maturing inhabitants of Gallifrey (and everywhere else).

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  • The title was inspired by Winnie the Pooh author A. A. Milne's poetry book Now We Are Six. As such, it is written in the style of the latter, albeit with the necessary elements changed to make it more akin to Doctor Who.
  • Russell T Davies said, concerning his changing of Harriet Jones' fate in this collection, "Phil Collinson, who was the producer on Doctor Who when we killed Harriet Jones has nagged me about that ever since. So the first thing I did was send that to him, e-mailed it to him." When asked if it counted as canon, he replied, "Absolutely. She's my character, that’s my episode, I say that's true."[1]
  • Russell T Davies asked author James Goss to change the text of The Death List so the gender of the featured incarnation of the Doctor would be ambiguous. He illustrated her as a woman and included the numbers "1" and "3" in the swirl of her robes. According to his interview in DWM 516, these illustrations were drawn in March 2017, before he learned that the Thirteenth Doctor would be female, "I didn’t know I was right but I thought that was in the air."
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