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Novel Adaptations was an audio series produced by Big Finish Productions beginning in 2012, and ending in 2016, totaling 11 releases in all.[1] It adapted Fourth, Fifth, and Seventh Doctor novels from Virgin New Adventures and Virgin Missing Adventures.




# Title Adapted from Doctor Featuring Released
1 Love and War Love and War 7th Ace, Benny, Death 24 October 2012
2 The Highest Science The Highest Science Benny, Chelonians 12 December 2014
3 The Romance of Crime The Romance of Crime 4th Romana II, K9, Ogrons 13 January 2015
4 The English Way of Death The English Way of Death Romana II, K9
5 The Well-Mannered War The Well-Mannered War Romana II, K9, Chelonians 13 April 2015
6 Damaged Goods Damaged Goods 7th Chris, Roz
7 Theatre of War Theatre of War Ace, Benny, Brax 9 December 2015
8 All-Consuming Fire All-Consuming Fire Ace, Benny, Holmes, Watson
9 Nightshade Nightshade Ace 14 April 2016
10 Original Sin Original Sin Benny, Chris, Roz, Robot 15 December 2016
11 Cold Fusion Cold Fusion 5th, 7th Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Chris, Roz, Patience


# Title Recorded on Recorded at
1 Love and War 28-29 January 2012 The Moat Studios, London
2 The Highest Science 6-7 January 2014
3 The Romance of Crime 30 October - 1 November 2013 Audio Sorcery, Tunbridge Wells
4 The English Way of Death 10-11 and 13 September 2013
5 The Well-Mannered War 19-20 August and 1 September 2014 Audio Sorcery, The Moat Studios
6 Damaged Goods 28-29 July 2014 The Moat Studios
7 Theatre of War 4 and 7 June 2015
8 All-Consuming Fire 5 and 15-16 June 2015
9 Nightshade 13 April and 16-17 October 2015
10 Original Sin 1 and 17 September 2015
11 Cold Fusion 24-26 May 2016

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