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Nova Martia was a colony world of the Ice Warriors. According to one account, when they abandoned Mars after the end of the Thousand Day War, many Ice Warriors embarked on an exodus to start a new life on Nova Martia. (PROSE: GodEngine)

However, another account put into question the chronology of the Thousand Day War. In the 23rd century, Harold had learnt from a History Channel documentary that "[t]he Ice Warriors were supposed to have been wiped out centuries ago. Something to do with T-Mat on the Moon, wasn't it?"

Gregson Grenville had learnt in school that "[t]hey were all melted when the invasion fleet spiralled into the Sun". This account showed extant Ice Warriors, but all were in suspended animation for — according to the Eighth Doctor — "many millions of years" at the time both the destruction of the fleet and the Thousand Year War were purported to have happened. The Doctor also said that the surviving Ice Warriors that would spread out beyond the Sol system wouldn't do so until they awoke from their sleep "a few centuries" after the 23rd century. (AUDIO: Deimos) The Monk showed Tamsin Drew that they didn't even find a new world to live on until the discovery of Halcyon around the 33rd century. The Eighth Doctor told the Monk the discovery and eventual destruction of Halcyon was "a part of the Web of Time". (AUDIO: The Resurrection of Mars)

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