Notre Dame du Temps was the twelfth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Companions. It was written by Nick Clark. It featured the Seventh Doctor, the Eighth Doctor and Anji Kapoor.

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Anji wanders the TARDIS, bored because the Doctor is nowhere to be found. She ends up in one of the libraries and explores a bit. She eventually notices a miniature TARDIS high up on a shelf.

The Seventh Doctor is in Paris. He is watching events unfolding before him: his fourth self and Romana, unknowingly being trailed by Duggan. He even experiences a time glitch.

Anji climbs a pile of books to reach the shelf. She finds that the miniature TARDIS has a miniature cubbyhole which holds a miniature TARDIS key. She opens the door and is able to reach her entire arm inside. As she tries to reach her other arm around the miniature TARDIS, the books shift and she falls, grabbing a folder on the way down.

The Doctor drinks tea in the cafe, then follows the trio of Doctor, Romana and Duggan out into the streets of Paris. He notes the moment where his younger self drops the drawing of Romana, and after the trio pass he retrieves the drawing and returns to the TARDIS.

Anji opens the folder, disappointed that it merely contains an old drawing. When she leaves the library, the drawing falls to the floor and lies there for a long time.

One day the Eighth Doctor ventures into the library and sees the drawing. He can't quite remember who it is, but carefully places the drawing inside a book for safekeeping.

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