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Nothing at the End of the Lane was a company that publishes a fanzine by the same name, which explores in detail aspects of early Doctor Who serials. It is described as "The Magazine Of Doctor Who Research & Restoration". Among contributors to the magazine have been Stephen James Walker and David J. Howe.

Magazine Edit

Issue 1 Edit

Originally published in July 1999, the first issue of Nothing at the End of the Lane, had three editors: Richard Bignell, Robert Franks and Bruce Robinson.

Issue 2 Edit

Originally published in June 2005, the second issue of Nothing at the End of the Lane, had two editors: Richard Bignell and Robert Franks. Bruce Robinson had "decided to leave and pursue other interests".

Issue 3 Edit

Originally published in January 2012, the third issue of Nothing at the End of the Lane, only had one editor left: Richard Bignell. Robert Franks had also left the team "to move on to pastures new". This issue discussed several unproduced stories such as The Circles of Power.

Other works published Edit

In 1999, a fan documentary The Making of Fury from the Deep was produced by Richard Bignell with original interviews from Michael Briant (Production Assistant), Margot Hayhoe (Assistant Floor Manager), Peter Day (Visual Effects), John Abineri (Van Lutyens), Roy Spencer (Harris) and an archive interview with director, Hugh David. It was released as bonus of Loose Cannon Productions's 2005 release of their LC22 reconstruction of the story

In 2009, Nothing at the End of the Lane published Farewell Great Macedon, an omnibus that featured an unproduced First Doctor teleplay of the same title; the book also included a single-episode script entitled The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance. Both were by Moris Farhi. After the scripts were published, Big Finish Productions announced it would be producing audio dramas adapting the two stories; these productions were released in the fall of 2010.

The company has also published an omnibus collecting the first two issues of the fanzine, as the individual issues are now out of print.

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