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The Fourth Doctor tapping his nose. (TV Robot)

A nose was a sensory organ associated with smell. According to the Sixth Doctor, the nose contained 400 sensory receptors, greatly dwarfed by the tongue's 10,000. (AUDIO: The Carrionite Curse)

The Fourth Doctor thought his nose was an improvement over that of his prior incarnation, but was unsure whether his ears were as well. (TV: Robot)

Barcelonian dogs had no noses. The Ninth Doctor wished to take Rose Tyler to the planet Barcelona to see them, remarking how that joke never got old. (TV: The Parting of the Ways)

When Amy, Rory and River Song exited the TARDIS after it landed in the Oval Office, the Eleventh Doctor introduced them to President Richard Nixon as his top operatives: the Legs, the Nose, and Mrs Robinson. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) Rory was later bestowed the nickname once again by Oswin Oswald in the Dalek Asylum (TV: Asylum of the Daleks)

The Eleventh Doctor once described Clara Oswald's nose as "all funny", her taking this as proof that he wasn't Mr Clever. (TV: Nightmare in Silver)

When the Curator said "Who knows?" to the Eleventh Doctor, he tapped the side of his own nose when he said the word "nose". (TV: The Day of the Doctor) This was a mannerism also displayed by the Fourth Doctor, whom the Curator greatly resembled. (TV: Robot, The Brain of Morbius, The Creature from the Pit )

Tanya Lernov claimed her nose never let her down. She compared it to a barometer, stating it helped her to smell trouble. Leo Ryan thought her nose was pretty. (TV: The Wheel in Space)

The Vacant Mitra Ashkanzai stole the eyes of Mae Harrison, and the nose of Natasha, who was a professional model. Natasha later had her nose returned by the Tenth Doctor. (PROSE: The Pictures of Emptiness)

The Master once claimed that the Daleks were the only species in the galaxy who didn't have noses. (TV: The Curse of Fatal Death)

The First Doctor recalled punching Richard Wagner on the nose due to his "questionable" politics. (AUDIO: For the Glory of Urth)