Norton Folgate was a member of Torchwood One in the 1950s. He spied on his teammates on behalf of the Committee, and later worked with his lover Jeremiah Bash Henderson to restore them to life after their defeat by the Enemy.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Norton's father was a vicar, which meant that he grew up in a church in London. His mother would sew hassocks for the church, spending most of her time during World War II doing so, but the church was bombed and her hard work was destroyed. She had been snobbish and not fond of the cockneys, and the couple moved to a parish in the Cotswolds. Norton often felt the spare child as his parents preferred his elder brother Gerald. (AUDIO: Ghost Mission)

He did national service at the Joint Services School for Linguists. (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm) He did not visit his parents, as they disapproved of his being gay. (AUDIO: Ghost Mission)

He had an aunt named Faye. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

Career at Torchwood One Edit

Norton joined Torchwood One, (AUDIO: Outbreak) a choice that his parents disagreed with. Following the war, he and his team had to deal with a large amount of black market trading in alien artefacts as a result of the number of spacecraft shot down. However, they were mostly called out to the sites of unexploded bombs. At some point, he began working for the Committee. (AUDIO: Ghost Mission)

Norton was reprimanded for using a soft-light projection device to visit the future. (AUDIO: Outbreak) He used it in 1953 to visit 2016 in order to find Object 1, under the Committee's orders. He approached Andy Davidson in 2016 claiming to be an assessor for Torchwood. Norton and Andy investigated a spillage of a green liquid which killed a man, and found a clone factory in an abandoned set of flats. Norton found Object 1, which gave him a body whilst he wore it, and was congratulated by the Committee. He left a note for Jane, telling her to say hello to Andy. (AUDIO: Ghost Mission)

He was once questioned by Mandrake about why he came to his place. Mandrake was very homophobic towards him. He gave him the Last of Erebus. He later conversed with Mitford about the Committee's plans. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

In the 1950s, Norton gave an alien pathogen to the United States government for the development of the Good Thinking virus. He watched Jack Harkness and a number of other men who were infected burn and later visited Jack in the hospital. He found the tests abhorrent and, with Torchwood, destroyed the virus, although some survived and were kept by Heights Pharmaceuticals. He entered into a sexual relationship with Jack. He was brought from 1955 to 2009 by Ianto Jones to provide answers to Ianto's questions about Good Thinking.

By the mid-'50s, Norton had killed somebody that he loved, something that he never wished to do again. (AUDIO: Outbreak)

Norton brought Andy to Soho in the '50s to assist him. The pair woke up naked in a bed chained to a bedstead. Torchwood started to suspect that Norton was a double agent so he was allowed to bring a Torchwood Assessor to vouch for him. He then made his way to his boyfriend's where he had stored an alien painting. The Vicar chastised him for apparently selling alien arms on the black market. He had hidden some alien artefacts in a Soho toilet but it was raided before they could leave and he was charged for gross indecency. He was interrogated by Fat Kim. He later went to a brothel posting as a life drawing class, which was also raided. Shortly afterwards he went to a strip club to get an alien to try and remove the alien key in Andy's head. The key was to a Martian tripod under Leicester square. The Vicar wanted to destroy the machine with Andy in it, but Norton wanted to get Andy out. With the Vicar and Fat Kim killed, Norton took charge of Torchwood. (AUDIO: Goodbye Piccadilly)

Flight 405 and Torchwood Three Edit

Norton boarded Flight 405 in order to obtain the Lens for the Committee. However, he found himself caught in a time loop for which he blamed Jack Harkness, believing that he had put the plane in a time loop to stop the lens from falling into the wrong hands. After sixty years aboard the plane, he managed to hijack Yvonne Hartman's attempted summoning of Ianto as a hard-light hologram by using the lens. As a hologram, he assisted Yvonne and Andy in saving himself. He and Yvonne later gave the lens to Roy per their instructions. (AUDIO: Flight 405, Eye of the Storm)

Thanks to God, Norton switched bodies with Tyler Steele, with whom he had sex. He also had sex with Jay and proposed to him, causing him to flee. They were later restored. (AUDIO: Another Man's Shoes)

Norton continued to work with Yvonne to further the Committee's plans to utilise the power of the Rift, during which time he attacked both Jack and St John Colchester. Eventually, he realised that the Committee had double-crossed him and were planning on wiping out the Earth. He attempted to ruin their plans by diverting energy using the Lens, resulting in him trapping himself aboard Flight 405. (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm)

Later life Edit

Norton and his lover Jeremiah Bash Henderson planned to revive the Committee after their defeat by the Enemy, in part because they wanted their money. Jeremiah visited the Torchwood Archive and learnt about Object 1 and how they could use it to revive them. The two subsequently left, after blowing up the archive using a fake object. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

When Ianto Jones looked up Norton in 2009, there was no record of his death. Ianto believed that an elderly Norton might be out there. (AUDIO: Outbreak)

Alternate timeline Edit

As a member of the Torchwood Institute, Norton Folgate answered directly to John Hart in an alternate timeline in which he took control of Torchwood and became King of the British Empire. (AUDIO: The Death of Captain Jack)

Personality Edit

Norton was camp, flamboyant and sarcastic. Andy remarked that he very rarely said anything helpful, preferring to make flippant comments. (AUDIO: Ghost Mission) He was sensitive about his age. (AUDIO: Outbreak)

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