Norman Bean was a young boy who was doing his homework when he was visited by what Norman believed to be a ghost. The ghost looked similar to his father but claimed to be Norman Bean's older self, who was visiting Norman from thirty years in the future.

The ghost told Norman to buy several toys, which would make Norman rich. Since Norman told the ghost that he did not have any money, the ghost told him to steal the money from his grandmother. Furthermore the ghost told Norman that his grandmother would die in a week and wouldn't need the money anyway.

A short time later Norman met the Second Doctor and Zoe Heriot. Zoe told him that it was wrong to steal even if his grandmother wouldn't need the money.

Then the ghost, that turned out to be Norman's older self, reappeared. He was happy that he could travel in time but was taken away by the Doctor and Zoe. After this the Doctor closed the time-rift which the older Norman has used to travel in time.

Before Zoe and the Doctor left Zoe told Norman to remember what was important. Norman did not know what Zoe ment by this, but thought that he would find out about it when he was older. (PROSE: Homework)

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