Nord auditioned for the Psychic Circus.


Nord was a violent and rude individual. He drove a large, five-wheeled motorcycle and was eager to audition for the Psychic Circus. He first encountered the Seventh Doctor and Ace several miles from the circus and refused to help them. When he arrived at the circus, he was imprisoned by the chief clown.

While in prison with Captain Cook, Mags and then the Doctor and Ace, the Captain and he flipped coins to decide who went into the ring first, but the Captain tricked him and Nord was selected. Whilst in the ring, he showed great strength by lifting a set of bar-bells, but when asked to tell a joke, he failed miserably and was killed by the Gods of Ragnarok. (TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Nord's winged crash helmet appeared several years later in a circa 2008 episode of EastEnders, when it was shown to Gus Smith by a dustman friend who had found it in the back of his dustcart.