Nomicae was a planet that the Ninth Doctor compared to Silicon Valley of the 54th century, stating every "tech giant worth their salt" was based there. (COMIC: The Bidding War)

After the Doctor had loudly broadcasted his status as a Time Lord at the Fluren Temporal Bazaar, (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction) Addison Delamar manipulated events to bring the Doctor to Nomicae to harvest his memories. In either the year 5324 or 5325, she managed to capture him, intending to auction off his memories, before the Cybermen sent a Cybermat to upgrade Delamar. Enraged by this deception the Harrigain began an orbital bombardment of the planet as they and the other factions began fighting on the planet before the Cybermen were defeated. To end the fighting, the Doctor willingly shared his grief of the Last Great Time War, driving everyone away, before Jack Harkness duped Delamar into leaving.

When the time came for the TARDIS crew to leave, Tara Mishra elected to stay behind on Nomicae to help the populace rebuild. (COMIC: The Bidding War)

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