Noel Coleman (26 November 1919-12 October 2007[1]) played General Smythe in the Doctor Who television story The War Games.

A prolific actor from the early 50s onwards, Coleman's roles included two appearances on The Avengers (1962, 1967) and an episode of Red Dwarf. He also appeared as Walmander Fitzurse in a 1970 adaptation of Ivanhoe and General Webb in Last of the Mohicans (1971), both directed by David Maloney.

He had regular roles as Colonel Shaw-Camberley in short lived tongue-in-cheek spy series Virgin of the Secret Service (1968) and the Commander in comedy spy series The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs (1974), and one of his final appearances was in an episode of Lovejoy in 1993.

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