The Word Lord Nobody No-One travelled in a CORDIS and used it to leave his reality and venture into N-Space despite the fact beings from different universes were not meant to travel across to other universes because of the differences between the different laws of physics, as implied by the Seventh Doctor.

Described as "old" in a manner similar to the Doctor's TARDIS and described by the Word Lord as "a little temperamental", Nobody's CORDIS hid at the Ranulph Fiennes base in Antarctica in 2045 and it's chameleon meme, the Word Lord version of a Time Lord's chameleon circuit, disguised itself though it's engines were incapable of disguising the pulse which came out with repeated mentions of "forty five" in various contexts.

The CORDIS allowed Nobody to commit murder and it also fashioned for him in a manner similar to the telepathic circuits of a TARDIS a body in N-Space that allowed him to interact with his surroundings, and even gave him the means of entering the Doctor's TARDIS and use a weapon because the laws of the N-Space didn't apply to him, and he was virtually indestructible.

After the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex defeated Nobody by telepathically altering the language of the base, the Word Lord and his ship were forced to retreat into the only piece of literature unaffected, a rule book, but the careless word use by a soldier released him. After he was released, Nobody left the base. (AUDIO: The Word Lord)

Later, at some point, the CORDIS crashed because someone used a stray letter in the English language and caused Nobody to regenerate.

In his new incarnation, Nobody was defeated when the Seventh Doctor trapped him inside the Hand of All, created by All, the Word Lord version of Rassilon, who created the Word Lord civilisation, and he died whereas the Doctor managed to escape. Because the Hand of All died out, it's unknown what happened to the CORDIS. (AUDIO: A Death in the Family)

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