Nobody No-One was a Word Lord (a parallel universe equivalent of the Time Lords who lived forty-five billion dimensions to the left of theirs). He proved to be an exceedingly dangerous enemy for the Doctor. No-One's destructive potential was fed by both an ability to regenerate like Time Lords, but more so, the potential to personify actions and concepts spoken through words. In the presence of a loose tongue, he could make unspeakable things come to fruition.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Leaving his home universe, either being exiled or leaving of his own free will, Nobody No-One used his knowledge and power to become a bounty hunter, travelling throughout the multiverse.

Nobody No-One used his CORDIS to hunt the Seventh Doctor through the continuum, seizing on rewards for his capture, bounties advertised by his enemies such as the Daleks and the Cybermen. He never caught him and grieving over his losses, Nobody wound up in 1945, where he regenerated under mysterious circumstances. Nobody hid at an extraterrestrial research facility called the Forge, where his ship disguised itself as their catchphrase, "For King and Country". (AUDIO: A Death in the Family) A century later, he finally confronted the Doctor in Antarctica, although it is unclear if this was their first meeting. His ship had infiltrated a military bunker, where it hid as a joke. Luckily, the bunker had a security black-out; no phones, no books nor writing material. The Doctor was able to switch the TARDIS' translation circuits to translate everyone's words and thoughts into an obscure alien language none present could understand, forcing Nobody and his CORDIS into the only source of literature available: a protocol guide for the bunker. Despite being stuck, Nobody escaped when one of the soldiers carelessly shouted "Nobody move". (AUDIO: The Word Lord)

Some time later, someone used a lost letter from the English alphabet to snag the CORDIS, making the ship crash, forcing Nobody to regenerate. Clad in a knitted scarf of ridiculous length, Nobody returned with a vengeance. He fought the Doctor yet again, this time from deep in the future, near the end of his seventh incarnation and meeting his demise at Walker General Hospital. He trapped Nobody in the Hand of All and sealed it in his mind, going into hibernation in a Gallifreyan sarcophagus buried beneath the Forge. After the destruction of the facility in 2026, a much younger Seventh Doctor awoke his older self and released Nobody. London had mostly been evacuated but there was still people and technology around to sustain Nobody's literal needs. He quickly amassed power over the Earth and to a greater extent, the Doctor's existence. Realising the imminent danger, the earlier Seventh Doctor sacrificed himself fighting Nobody, with his later self concocting an elaborate scheme to resurrect him. With the Hand of All, Ace and Hex could revive the earlier Seventh Doctor and defeat Nobody. Once restored to life, the younger Seventh Doctor trapped Nobody in the Hand of All just as his elder self had, visiting his old friend, Evelyn Smythe on the day she died, getting her permission to place The Hand in her mind as she drew her last breath. The Hand perished with Evelyn dragging Nobody along for the ride. (AUDIO: A Death in the Family)

Personality[edit | edit source]

Nobody No-One was an inhuman monster who gained great pleasure from causing people pain and discomfort. He was malicious and cruel, the polar opposite of the Doctor. He enjoyed taunting people. He had mannerisms and speech patterns which were rather similar to the Tenth Doctor's. He laughed hysterically, be it whenever he was blowing up something as mundane as a duck pond or being the first being to commit ultracide, though this was thankfully proven to be an illusion. (AUDIO: A Death in the Family)

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Like all Word Lords, Nobody drew power from words, rhymes and literature. His CORDIS' chameleon circuit was programmed to hide the ship not as an object but as a word, such as a common phrase or verb. He could be trapped within a particular novel or comic if no other source of literature were available, drawing him and his ship like a magnet. If someone proclaimed "Nobody can get in the TARDIS" or "No-one can turn off the Sun" then he could get in the TARDIS or turn off the Sun. (AUDIO: A Death in the Family)

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