Donna Noble shared a car with her mother. It was coloured blue and had the numberplate YD56 VHG.

Despite it being her mother's turn, Donna took the car for a "quick getaway" to investigate Adipose Industries. Though she did not see at the time, the Doctor's TARDIS materalised right next to where her car had parked, preluding her reunion with the Tenth Doctor. That night, Donna, while hiding in a toilet, received a phone call from her mother asking for the car, only to claim that she could not as she was "busy" praying in church. Following the March of the Adipose, Donna was astonished to find the TARDIS situated next to her car, describing it as "destiny". As she prepared to leave to travel with the Doctor, Donna left the car keys in a bin on Brook Street for her mother to find while asking a a woman to point her to the bin. (TV: Partners in Crime)

It was among the four hundred million cars on Earth which were fitted with ATMOS devices as part of the Sontaran plot to convert the world into a Sontaran breeding planet. The Tenth Doctor discovered this to late to stop Wilf getting in the car, which was subsequently deadlocked so he could not escape. As the ATMOS-modified car spewed out gas, Wilf was almost suffocated but was saved by Sylvia, who allowed him to get out by using an axe to smash the glass. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky)

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