No Room was the eleventh short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Christmas Around the World. It was written by Rebecca Levene. It featured the Seventh Doctor and Chris Cwej.


The Doctor and Chris, stranded on an island in the Indian Ocean in 1814, are rescued by a ship. On board, they find that, in addition to the ship's crew, there are a dozen aliens. The captain and crew thinks the aliens are an Earth life form.

The aliens had crashed their spaceship and were rescued by the ship. In return, they help out as part of the crew. The Doctor wants to help them get home, so he asks for them to retrieve his TARDIS, which is currently under water. He gives the TARDIS key to Esssar, having left a note with instructions for the aliens. Chris is worried that the aliens will just leave in the TARDIS without him and the Doctor.

Both Chris and the Doctor are surprised when the aliens actually bring the TARDIS onto the ship's deck. Esssar collapses on deck, and the other aliens form a circle around Esssar, preventing the ship surgeon from getting through. They do let the Doctor and Chris attend to Esssar, who the Doctor realises is about to give birth.

Esssar safely gives birth to a baby girl by parthenogenesis.




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