No One Died was the sixth short story published in the Doctor Who Storybook 2007.

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The Tenth Doctor tells Rose about the village of Lower Downham in England, which disappeared in 1962 under mysterious circumstances. They agree to find out what happened, and travel to a time before the village disappeared. The village is full of people and looks completely ordinary. Soon after, however, the village has disappeared. They notice the area is in total darkness, and the map of the village has developed a large fold in the centre, causing the print to spill into it. They explore the area, but do not find the village or any proof that it was ever there.

They travel to the day the village disappeared at three in the morning. Rose is teleported to an open field, whilst the Doctor encounters a glowing humanoid figure. The figure slowly forms into a Viyran. While the Doctor tries to communicate with it, Rose comes across a floating glass coffin, hovering about ten feet above the ground. She sees a bright white light, and runs towards it, to find the Doctor surrounded by Viyrans. They learn the Viyrans followed a single particle from a dangerous chemical weapon to Earth, and were forced to neutralise it before it destroyed the minds of everyone on the planet. The Viyrans realised they could not destroy the particle. They chose to evacuate the village and wipe their memories of the village. They placed a perceptual barrier across the entire village, making it disappear.

The Viyrans put the Doctor and Rose into coffins because they are getting in the way of their plan. They escape from the coffins and leave in the TARDIS. The village is successfully evacuated.

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  • When the Doctor says that he is "a bit out of practice" with Sky Rays, he is referring to the Sky Ray promotion of the 1960s.

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