The Ninth Doctor has featured in several novels.

BBC Books Edit

After Christopher Eccleston had been cast as the Ninth Doctor, the character first cameoed in the BBC Books Eighth Doctor novel The Tomorrow Windows. Following his first appearance on television in Rose, BBC Books shifted the focus of their monthly novel range to release Ninth Doctor novels in groups of three.

Title Author Featuring Published
The Tomorrow Windows Jonathan Morris Eighth Doctor, Fitz, Trix 7 June 2004
The Clockwise Man Justin Richards Rose 19 May 2005
The Monsters Inside Stephen Cole Rose, Slitheen
Winner Takes All Jacqueline Rayner Rose
The Deviant Strain Justin Richards Rose, Jack 8 September 2005
Only Human Gareth Roberts
The Stealers of Dreams Steve Lyons

Dr. Men Edit

Main article: Dr. Men (series)
Title Author Featuring Published
Dr. Ninth Adam Hargreaves Jack, Rose 29 August 2017
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