The Ninth Doctor has featured in several audio stories

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The Ninth Doctor Chronicles Edit

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# Title Author Featuring Released
1 The Bleeding Heart Cavan Scott 4 May 2017
2 The Window on the Moor Una McCormack Rose, Emily Brontë
3 The Other Side Scott Handcock Rose, Adam
4 Retail Therapy James Goss Rose, Jackie

The Churchill Years Edit

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# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 The Oncoming Storm Phil Mulryne Churchill 14 January 2016
2.2 Human Conflict Iain McLaughlin 15 February 2018
2.3 I Was Churchill's Double Alan Barnes

Short Trips Edit

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# Title Author Narrator Featuring Released
9.7 Battle Scars Selim Ulug Nicholas Briggs 31 July 2019

Destiny of the Doctor Edit

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# Title Author Featuring Released
9 Night of the Whisper Cavan Scott, Mark Wright Rose, Jack September 2013

New Series Adventures Edit

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After the Twelfth Doctor was hit by energy from the time storm, he entered a degeneration cycle, going back from his eleventh incarnation to his first.

Title Author Narrator Featuring Published
The Lost Magic Cavan Scott Dan Starkey 4 May 2017
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