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A Time Lord who called himself the Doctor travelled in the TARDIS with his companion Emma. After an encounter with his old enemies, the Daleks and the Master, he regenerated four times in quick succession, ultimately transforming into a female body.


A day to come[]

When the Eighth Doctor looked into the Tomorrow Window, he saw several possible ninth incarnations, one of whom was "a listless-looking man [who] sat on a sofa beside a girl in a red dress in an unconvincing medieval dungeon". (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)

Adventures with Emma[]

At some point, the Doctor began travelling with the "glamorous" Emma (PROSE: Who's After Your Cash) in whom, "without even knowing [he] was looking", he found "a woman to love". The two developed a romantic relationship, with the Doctor's next incarnation later indicating that the two had had sex at least once. (TV: The Curse of Fatal Death)

The Doctor and Emma don red noses. (PROSE: Who's After Your Cash)

Coming back to Earth for the first time in many years, the Doctor became aware of a charity event centred around a "TV spectacular" which, among other things, contained a depiction of his and Emma's adventures battling the Daleks and the Master. He wrote a rambling letter to The Mirror endorsing the production and insisting that readers give what they could to those in need. In this letter, he described himself as "over 800 years old". (PROSE: Who's After Your Cash)


The Doctor wanted to settle down in domestic bliss with his companion Emma, and he invited the Master to meet him on the planet Tersurus to inform him of his retirement. On Tersurus, both Time Lords had travelled back in time to bribe the castle architect to plant, then negate, various traps, ending in the Master's 936 year imprisonment in the sewers of Tersurus. However, the Master ultimately recruited the Daleks to assist him.

The Doctor, realising that the Daleks planned to exterminate the Master once his usefulness was at an end, warned the Master of the danger through smells in the language of Tersuran. This was detected with the Daleks, and the Doctor was then killed by a Dalek energy beam. Emma was horrified until the Master said that the Doctor was in his ninth incarnation and would soon regenerate; sure enough, the Doctor then regenerated into his next body. (TV: The Curse of Fatal Death)

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the first draft of the script, Moffat described the Doctor as follows: "Now in his ninth incarnation, he is elegant, immaculate and super-suave with an air of artfully bored insouciance. He's been everywhere, done everything and blown up most monsters. When danger strikes he rarely does more than roll his eyes at the lack of imagination among intergalactic psychopaths these days before disrupting their plans, ending their evil dominion and probably blowing up their planet if he thinks it won't get his jacket all creased. However, he has occasional flashes of fluster and panic from which he recovers with a comic swiftness that serves to remind us how much effort he puts into being the cool, smart, impeccably dressed gentleman of the universe we now see emerging from the police box."[1]

The appeal.


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