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Nina Melanie Rogers was a student who frequently crossed paths with Torchwood.


She was born on 13 July 1988 and lived with her parents in Chester until 2006, when she began studying for a History degree at Cardiff University.

When Martin Trueman was controlling people with the Ancient Lights, Nina saw Jack Harkness trying to warn people. (PROSE: Consequences)

Nina was the best friend of Jessica Montague. (PROSE: The Undertaker's Gift)

Nina briefly met Tom Cutler, a police officer who was assisting the Torchwood team, in the street whilst listening to her iPod. Cutler moved her along, as she was in an area where a Silent person was about to appear. (PROSE: Into the Silence)

While "a bit drunk", Nina put her foot through a plate-glass window and had to visit St Helen's Hospital for some stitches. While waiting in Reception, she met Rianne Kilkenny, just as the hospital came under attack from a group of people - initially believed to be gang members after the hospital's drug supply. Nina followed Rianne to the maternity ward on the fifth floor, where they could see from a window overlooking the car park that a number of the figures were missing limbs. They watched as these "zombies" attacked a late-night hospital visitor.

Trapped in the hospital, Nina had her leg rebandaged by one of the nurses and discovered that she didn't need stitches after all. Half an hour later, awoken from sleep by an agitated Rianne, Nina watched from the maternity ward window as a shiny black SUV approached the undead horde which had massed at the hospital entrance. Nina watched as the pair of occupants climbed onto the roof of the vehicle and escaped safely aboard a Coastguard helicopter, which landed on the hospital roof. The "zombies" turned from the SUV and headed towards the hospital entrance. She looked at Rianne in horror as she heard the sound of shattering glass from the lower levels.

Nina and Rianne clinged to each other as they heard gunshots from the upper levels. A full minute later, Nina limped out of Ward 5, followed by Rianne, and into the corridor of the maternity ward in order to investigate what had occurred. Nina stepped out of the maternity ward to find a group of people heading down the open stairwell. She asked if it was safe, to which a chubby but friendly looking man replied "Is it ever safe around here? But as far as it goes... yeah. The zombies are dead. Again". (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

When Nina was looking for a room to rent, she encountered Jack and Gwen Cooper in the street near Jackson Leaves, where rooms had been advertised. Jack put her off by telling her, falsely, that the house was full. (PROSE: The House That Jack Built)

On another occasion, she had found a new boyfriend and was looking for a new apartment. In order to relax, she visited a toy store. The Vam chose this time to attack, eating both the store and the shoppers. Jack Harkness and Agnes Havisham were there to fight it off and Nina was one of the survivors. (PROSE: Risk Assessment)

Nina was interviewed on television about an incident involving Jack and Gwen, which she had witnessed while shopping at a supermarket. (PROSE: Virus)

Nina Rogers was in a club when Torchwood chased a Weevil through it. (PROSE: Consequences, AUDIO: Lost Souls)

With the assistance of Ianto Jones, Nina found a glowing book in the Cardiff University library, containing many recorded instances where Nina has met Torchwood, and promptly forgotten them again. When Ianto and Nina took the book back to the Torchwood Hub, they realised that the book had been looking for someone with excitement in their lives, influencing her meetings with Torchwood, then erasing the memories. With the help of Jack and Ianto, Nina deposited the book into the Rift, in the remnants of the SkyPoint building, causing it to collapse. Soon after, Gwen offered Nina retcon, which she took, forgetting her encounter with Torchwood, for the last time. (PROSE: Consequences)

Alternate timeline[]

When Simon Peters began feeding people to the Rift, Nina and the rest of the world forgot about Torchwood. Nina felt empty inside and longed for something to fill the void. She heard of Simon's preachings and travelled to Cardiff stadium to see him. When she saw the Rift open behind him, she longed to be at the pub with Jess. (PROSE: We All Go Through)


By 2009, Nina was in her early twenties with long dark hair and, according to Rianne Kilkenny, a pretty face. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)


She was inquisitive and liked to ask questions. Upon first seeing Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones, she initially believed they looked like "special agents or something". She was braver than Rianne and chose to investigate gunshots rather than hide from them. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)