In revenge for being exiled, a Nimon planned to destroy the Nimon homeworld using a black hole bomb. The first step of his plan was to exploit the resources of Datastore 8. However, his attempts to pass himself for a god to the inhabitants of the planet were met with scorn by the Eleventh Doctor, who told him that the planet was under his protection and sent him away.

The Nimon used temporal armor as his spacesuit.

According to the Doctor, the Nimon was not very smart. (COMIC: Space in Dimension Relative and Time)

Alternate timelines Edit

In another timeline, the Doctor was not there to meet the Nimon, so he was successful in deceiving the inhabitants of the planet, sucking all its resources dry and causing its destruction. He sent a distress signal to lure the Doctor and use the TARDIS engines as the last ingredient for building a black hole bomb.

First alternate timeline Edit

Once inside the TARDIS, he killed John Jones by absorbing his energy, succeeded in creating the black hole bomb and was stopped only by ARC taking the shape of be the Doctor. Trying to absorb the faux Doctor, the Nimon overextended himself and exploded.

Second alternate timeline Edit

Using a vortex manipulator and his knowledge how to defeat the Nimon, the Eleventh Doctor provoked him to attack ARC earlier, causing him to explode before killing John Jones or creating the black hole bomb. (COMIC: Space in Dimension Relative and Time)

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