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Nikola Tesla was a famous human inventor from the 20th century. (TV: Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror)


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Tesla was a scientist. He allowed half a million volts of electricity to pass through himself, and walked away unscathed. The Eighth Doctor observed from the audience. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy)

Tesla was hired by Edison Machine Works, where he worked for fellow inventor Thomas Edison. He worked for a year on his employer's electrical generator after taking one of his comments literally. After finishing work, Tesla was disappointed by only being offered a small raise (TV: Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror), resulting in a fight on 30 March 1884. (PROSE: Wardenclyffe) He stormed out of Edison Machine Works and embarked on his own business ventures, leading to them to embark on a bitter rivalry. (TV: Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror)

Professor Elliot Payne brought Tesla to the 1890s to assist him with his time travel experiments. He later helped Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot to stop Payne, by allowing them to gain access to Payne's base. (AUDIO: Chronoclasm)

On one occasion, Tesla helped the Seventh Doctor and Melanie Bush defeat the Vardans. (AUDIO: Maker of Demons)

According to the Thirteenth Doctor, Tesla died penniless. (TV: Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror)


As recalled by the Thirteenth Doctor, though Tesla was left behind by history, his vision of wireless energy and a connected world was realised following his death. (TV: Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror)

City of the SavedEdit

Tesla was a popular celebrity after his resurrection in the City of the Saved. He was resurrected without his famous moustache, so he was forced to wear a fake one to appease audiences. (PROSE: The Isis Method)

Alternate realitiesEdit

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart once encountered a version of Tesla from an alternate reality. (PROSE: The Schizoid Earth)

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