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"Nightvisitor" is a specially adapted version of Jim Moray's "Nightvisiting" for Class, written and performed by Moray himself. It was used as incidental music in Nightvisiting, scoring shots of Jasper Adeola's backstory, leading up to his death.

The original song, "Nightvisiting" that "Nightvisitor" is based, was first released on Moray's self-titled album released on 1 May 2006.

The lyrics to the first verse from from the folk song "I Will Put My Ship in Order"[1], while the second verse comes from a song called "Grey Cock", as sung by Cecilia Costello.[2]

"Nightvisitor" was released as a single on Spotify and iTunes on 29 October 2016, the same day on which Nightvisiting was broadcast.

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