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Nightshade, or Deadly nightshade, was the leader of renegade Gardeners. His Latin name was Atropa belladonna.

Nightshade's insignia depicted Atropa belladonna with its bell-shaped purple flowers and dark berries. His motto was, "the soil must be turned."

Nightshade was taller than other Gardeners and preferred to remain unarmoured. During full bloom, he had a bandolier of bell-shaped purple flowers with shiny black berries across his chest.

His goal was to free every plant, to prevent them from being kept indoors. With his insurgents, he destroyed many Gardener greenhouses and was planning to do the same with the Galactic Seed Vault.

Nightshade commanded Grave Diggers and had Parsley spying for him among other Gardeners. Nightshade also managed to plant a spy into the The Doctor's TARDIS in the form of Graham O'Brien's begonia.

He was merciless in pursuit of his goals. He sent his spy Parsley to a compost heap for failing to prevent the Thirteenth Doctor's escape and burned down the Rose Garden of Eternity for issuing a prophecy involving the Doctor in the first place. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

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