Nightdreamers was the third Telos Doctor Who novella. It featured the Third Doctor and Jo Grant. This was author Tom Arden's only contribution to Doctor Who. This novella featured an introduction by Katy Manning who had played Jo onscreen.

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Perihelion Night on the wooded moon Verd. A time of strange sightings, ghosts, and celebration before the morn, when Lord Esnic marries the beautiful Lady Ria. However, Ria has other ideas, and flees through the gravity wells which dot the moon to meet with her true love, Tonio. When the Doctor and Jo arrive on Verd, drawn down by the fluctuating gravity, they find themselves involved in the unpredictable events of Perihelion.

But what of the mysterious and terrifying Nightdreamers?

And of the Nightdreamer King?

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Nightdreamers illustration

Front piece illustration by Martin McKenna.

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