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A nightclub was an entertainment venue.

Pollitt was an Englishman who owned a nightclub in Berlin in 1932 who met the First Doctor and Susan Foreman while they were visiting the city in November of that year. (AUDIO: The Alchemists)

Woo was a nightclub owner in Shanghai in 1937. (PROSE: The Shadow of Weng-Chiang)

Ben Jackson met Polly Wright at the Inferno nightclub in Covent Garden in July 1966. (TV: The War Machines)

The Sixth Doctor met Iris Wildthyme at Bianca's after going to the nightclub to rest from his travels. (AUDIO: The Wormery)

In 1996, a Graske was killed in a nightclub and its corpse was taken to the Leamington Spa Lifeboat Museum. (GAME: Security Bot)

In May 1997, The Rapture nightclub in Ibiza was being used to hypnotise the people there with the use of the drug, PCP. (AUDIO: The Rapture)

A sentient sex gas which was using Carys Fletcher's body as its vessel went to a nightclub. (TV: Day One)

While Samson and Gemma travelled with the Eighth Doctor, they visited Studio 54. (AUDIO: Terror Firma)

The Tenth Doctor implied that he had visited the nightclub Sugar Hut on at least one occasion. (AUDIO: Time Reaver)

In the 23rd century, kronkburgers were served at the restaurant of the Full Moon nightclub on New Vegas. (AUDIO: Night of the Whisper)

River Song thought the Fifth Doctor's obsession with the Eye of Orion was because it was a nightclub. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)