Night of the Fendahl was the twenty-fifth story in the Torchwood audio series by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Tim Foley and featured Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper.

It was Big Finish's first use of the Fendahl, introduced in the 1977 Doctor Who television story Image of the Fendahl.

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Torchwood vs Monsters!

Marco makes films. You wouldn't like them. The lighting's shoddy, the sets are cheap and the sound's appalling. But there's an audience for them. Because they're films in which bad things happen to women.

Marco's latest venture is based on real events. Events which took place in Fetch Priory many years ago. It's an anthology piece, and Marco needs one final victim. But the last victim is not who anyone is expecting.

Death has returned to Fetch Priory. And Death is no-one's victim.

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  • This story serves as a sequel to TV: Image of the Fendahl, and so includes many references to that story
    • The film crew have a glowing skull (although it is a fake)
    • The filming is taking place at Fetch Priory
    • The Fendahl gains full control by taking 13 people - 12 worm like servants and 1 core. This is similar to the requirement of Duroc to take 13 lives before being unstoppable
    • It is mentioned that Fetch Priory burned down - the Fendahleen have hidden in the house since then
    • Marco is descended from Dr Fendelman
    • It is mentioned that Adam Colby is one of the owners of the land Fetch Priory was situated upon
  • The security files on the events of TV: Image of the Fendahl were stored by John Hartman, Yvonne's father.

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