Night Watch was the fourth and final audio story in God Among Us 1.

Publisher's summary[]

The Black Sun has come through the Rift. When it visits, sleep comes with it. Orr is the guardian, appointed to watch over the city while it slumbers. What will they find as they wander the streets?

Who are the lost souls, trapped with their demons? Who are the ones fighting even sleep? Who are the broken meeting their dreams?


Orr and God look out over Cardiff. Everybody in the city has fallen asleep whilst the Night Sun has a "cheeky nibble" on their dreams for the night. God tasks Orr with looking over the city as everybody sleeps, keeping them safe, and wishes her luck before leaving.

In Flat 151, Jack and Colin believe that they are dreaming, explaining why they are seeing Mr Colchester. Jack leaves to give Colin the chance to say goodbye to his dead husband. Colin hyperventilates and goes to sleep.

Orr catches up with God, who reaffirms her mission. Tyler is joined on a balcony by Chip, with whom he has been partaking in a drug-fuelled orgy all night. They are the only two still awake and Tyler is in a poor mood, looking out across the city for perspective whilst Chip offers him more sex and drugs.

Jack returns to the Hub and finds Yvonne and Ng awake thanks to Yvonne's caffeine ring, meaning they must maintain contact. Ng begins scanning the Night Sun and Jack faceplants, making her think that the Night Sun is getting stronger. Yvonne tries to wake her up. Meanwhile, Orr is walking through the streets, moving people in danger and stopping car engines. God approaches her again and invites her to talk in a café. Jack is woken up by Yvonne and has remembered hearing about the Night Sun before. He accuses Ng of deleting the results of the scan after the computer claims not to have begun scanning, but Yvonne instead blames a figure that she thinks she saw in the Hub.

Tyler takes a pill that Chip gives him but only feels numb, prompting Chip to offer him a glowing blue pill in the bedroom. Mr Colchester wakes Colin up and comes to the conclusion that he is not a dream as he was able to wander the flat as Colin slept and decides to prove to Colin that he is alive. Orr enters the café and God tells her that something is on the loose in the city that she did not give permission, having slipped through the Rift with the Night Sun.

Mr Colchester and Colin look for a "gizmo" that will prove that Mr Colchester is real. Orr and God go to a busy street and God makes the people sleepwalk and point towards Orr's objective. Yvonne, Jack and Ng go looking for the possible intruder, holding hands so that the caffeine ring keeps them all awake, and do a second scan which also fails.

Tyler and Chip begin having sex before Chip gives him a blue pill which he says will make him feel human connection. It instantly kicks in and Chip disappears whilst a glowing Tyler knocks on the door and comes in. Colin switches on the gizmo and points it at Mr Colchester, but it detects no heat or mass and passes straight through Mr Colchester's hand. The glowing Tyler tells Tyler that he should be confident and live the way he wants before going to the other room to continue the orgy, saying he would never touch the real Tyler. Jack and Ng argue and Yvonne decides to let go of Ng and put her back to sleep as she still does not trust her completely.

Mr Colchester expresses his displeasure at walking in on Colin and Jack and remembers that his final thoughts before his death were about Colin. Tyler follows his glowing self and sees him having sex with all the other men, with Chip saying that the glowing Tyler is so much better than the real one. They all tell him to "f*ck off" before they all vanish. Tyler finds himself alone with Orr, who put everyone back to sleep. He vomits blue light which Orr collects inside of herself before heading in the direction of where the people outside are now pointing, telling Tyler to rest and that she will return for him. Mr Colchester realises that the gizmo was not real, having no actual knowledge of it and finding it very convenient in the situation. The gizmo's blue light floats out and begins choking Colin.

Yvonne and Jack reach Level 7 and argue, with Yvonne letting go of him when he tells her that she has failed. A glowing Andy appears. Orr arrives in the Colchester-Prices' flat and Colin disappears. They tell Mr Colchester that the dream was his and not Colin's and absorb the light from the gizmo, which Mr Colchester remembers was a novelty bottle opener from a bar. The glowing Andy taunts Yvonne about her losing control when Orr arrives and he vanishes. The caffeine ring runs out and Yvonne falls asleep.

Orr finds Jack, who is possessed by the light and has been used by them to put those disconnected with him in waking nightmares. Orr absorbs the light when they are suddenly transported into a café by God. God tells Orr that she let the Night Sun feast to restore balance after doing "something powerful" and about the origins of the light. The Night Sun disappears.

In the morning, Tyler wakes up and tells Chip that he has better places to be. Yvonne apologises to Ng and says that she is going to go on a recruitment drive. God offers Orr the chance to see her unshielded, allowing them to feel her love. Orr accepts and is overwhelmed, screaming as she turns into a puddle. God goes to fetch a bucket. Mr Colchester wakes up Colin and the two decide to kiss to see if Mr Colchester is real.

Yvonne gets the pharadyne projector and says that she is going to bring back Ianto despite Jack's protests. Instead, Norton appears.




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  1. King was credited as playing "Mourner" on the Big Finish app and website.
  2. Barnett is uncredited on the Big Finish app and website.

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