PC Nicki Owen was a police officer with South Wales Police.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Nicki Owen came from Tiger Bay, where she saw DI Pete Bunton beat up children on her mother's street. She became a constable with South Wales Police and was a colleague of Sergeant Andy Davidson.

After Andy shot and killed an unarmed refugee, PC Owen interrogated him unofficially before he asked for Torchwood. Tyler Steele manipulated her into leaking the footage of the shooting, for which she later called Andy to confess and apologise. However, she was angered when he mentioned Bunton and could not believe what she was going to do.

PC Owen was outside Andy's house with the press and arrested him for attacking a takeaway man before Ng arrived and took them both inside. Ng removed Andy's quantum splice and PC Owen joined her in proving his innocence, going to Ro-Jedda's office and finding evidence in Ioan's desk.

She visited Andy at Rhys Williams and Gwen Cooper's house with a document containing the refugee's name. She told him that he was "one of the good ones" and should not quit the force. (AUDIO: The Empty Hand) Ng called her later that night and asked her to mobilise a search for the third glitterbomb. (AUDIO: Poker Face)

Personality[edit | edit source]

PC Owen despised police brutality and racism in the force, having witnessed it firsthand as a child. This allowed Tyler to manipulate her, for which she later apologised to Andy for her conduct. (AUDIO: The Empty Hand)

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