Nick's goons were two men who worked for Nick in a rival organisation to the Three Families.

History Edit

In an attempt to stop Miles Mokri from meeting with Agent Joe Bradley of the FBI about the key to immortality, the two men ambushed Miles and attempted to grab him. However, Miles managed to slip out of his coat and escape their grip. With their attempt to get Miles having failed, Nick staged a drive-by shooting to stop Miles from giving up the location of the key to Joe.

After Nick and Holly met Joe at the Ambassador Hotel High School, the two men ambushed Joe's van, ramming into it from the side with a pickup truck. They failed to knock Joe off the road and chased the van with Joe recognising them from the night Miles had been shot. Joe eventually managed to lose the two men in traffic, but Nick called them from LAX to go to Coney Island after Holly Mokri decoded from her brother's notes that the key was there.

At Coney Island, the two men joined Nick in ambushing Joe and Holly after they had discovered Miles' next clue. They held Joe prisoner while Nick dealt with Holly. After Holly and Nick figured out Miles' map on the Ferris Wheel, Holly called out to Joe who bashed the two men's heads together and fled down the Ferris Wheel with Holly.

Nick and his goons followed Holly and Joe to the vat containing the key to immortality: the blood of the immortal man. One of the men handed Nick a gun with which to kill Holly and Joe, but Holly kicked the gun out of Nick's hand and escaped to the lower level where she retrieved a gun hidden by Miles under the vat. Holly used the gun to shoot Nick and his two goons in the head, making them category ones. The three men were killed when Holly activated Miles' self-destruct program for the vat and their bodies were consumed in the explosion. (WC: Web of Lies)

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