Newton Pallister was the father of Vicki Pallister. (AUDIO: The Crash of the UK-201)

On Earth, he was a Lieutenant Commander of Merchant Space Marines. (PROSE: The Eleventh Tiger) He and his wife had a daughter Vicki, whose name was chosen by him. They lived in Liddell Towers on the South Circular Road in New London. (PROSE: Byzantium!)

His wife died of a genetic heart defect. (AUDIO: The Crash of the UK-201) According to one account, Vicki was eleven at the time. (PROSE: Byzantium!) According to another account, barely a month after her death, (AUDIO: The Crash of the UK-201) in 2493 Newton decided to move to Astra together with Vicki. They booked passage on the spaceship UK-201. (TV: The Rescue) On the eighth day of their trip in hyperspace, (AUDIO: The Crash of the UK-201) the ship was sabotaged by Bennett and crash-landed on the planet Dido. Both Newton and his daughter survived. After the crash, the locals invited all survivors to a feast. Leaving still convalescing Vicki behind, Newton attended the feast, where he, all other survivors and most of Didoans were murdered by Bennett. (TV: The Rescue)

Alternative timelines Edit

In a timeline where Vicki prevented the crash of UK-201, Newton successfully reached Astra with Vicki and started working in an observatory. He was killed when a meteor shower hit the building.

In a further modified timeline, where Vicki warned Newton to get out of the building, he survived the destrution of the observatory but accused Vicki of being too late to save his colleagues. This resulted in Vicki estranged from Newton. They did not talk to each other for the next eight years. (AUDIO: The Crash of the UK-201)

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