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The new humans or the Flesh were a creation of the Sisters of Plenitude and were used for curing diseases. Created following failures with clone meat and biocattle, the new humans were grown from human cells and were given every known disease, in order for the Sisters of Plenitude to find the cures to them and to develop their biotechnology.

Since they were infected with diseases since 'birth', they were immune, for a time at least, to these diseases. They were contagious, and any touch would give anyone the same diseases. The Sisters regarded them as 'merely flesh' and would disintegrate any who showed signs of sentience.

The new humans were imprisoned in cubicles, and they were contagious to touch. When released in the year 5,000,000,023, the new humans went on to wreak havoc across the New New York Hospital, but were all soon cured by the Tenth Doctor and taken into care, later founding a new race of humanity. (TV: New Earth)

As his parents were among the new humans created by the Sisters of Plenitude, Devon Pryce was a second generation new human or "new new human", (AUDIO: Escape from New New York) known by Jara as a "child of the freed flesh". (AUDIO: The Cats of New Cairo)

Behind the scenes Edit

The new humans were originally to have featured large open wounds. However, this was changed through the design process, as it was considered too horrific for the younger members of the audience. (REF: Aliens and Enemies)

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