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New Zealand

New Zealand was a collection of islands in Australasia. (AUDIO: The Transit of Venus) Its people were known as Kiwis. (PROSE: Direct Action)


Napier was a city in New Zealand. Other locations included the Foveaux Strait and Lake Taupo. (PROSE: Autaia Pipipi Pia)

One island in New Zealand was called the South Island. (AUDIO: The Transit of Venus, TV: The Tenth Planet)


Rugby was very popular in New Zealand. James Stevens claimed that an interest in the sport was drilled into him at an early age. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)


18th century[]

In 1770, the Endeavour approached the South Island of New Zealand with the First Doctor and Ian Chesterton on board. Sailing along the coast and around the South Cape, the crew were initially unable to anchor anywhere along the coast, and later Ian was pushed overboard by Joseph Banks — who was unintentionally influenced by Susan's lingering telepathic abilities from her encounter with the Sensorites — which led to Ian becoming desperately ill following the effects of hypothermia. Once he had awoken, they had left New Zealand waters and were en route to Australia. (AUDIO: The Transit of Venus)

20th century[]

In the 1910s, New Zealand, as part of the British Empire, was involved in World War I. Along with Australia, their soldiers made up the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) which fought alongside the British Army. In 1915, ANZAC fought the forces of the Ottoman Empire in the disastrous Gallipoli campaign. (PROSE: Direct Action)

The investigative journalist James Stevens was born in New Zealand on 22 November 1945 and emigrated from there to Great Britain in 1968. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

On 24 December 1953, a train bound for Auckland derailed near Tangiwai. The Sixth Doctor saved Matiu (a time traveller from 2004) from the onrushing water the next day, and helped bring him to Tangiwai. (PROSE: Water's Edge)

In December 1980, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith visited Napier. (PROSE: Autaia Pipipi Pia)

During the Cybermen invasion in December 1986, the crew of the Zeus IV mentioned that they were over the South Island of New Zealand. (TV: The Tenth Planet)

21st century[]

Matiu was a Maori man who lived in Auckland in the 21st century. In Christmas 2004, Matiu travelled back in time to 1953 to find out what happened to his grandfather. (PROSE: Water's Edge)

By 2007, H.C. Clements had an office in New Zealand. (TV: The Runaway Bride)

Due to the Myloki conflict of 2066-8, Japan invaded New Zealand. (PROSE: The Indestructible Man)

Sam Becket, a crew member aboard the weather station on the moon during a Cyberman invasion in 2070, was a New Zealander. (TV: The Moonbase)


While in Barnes Common in 1963, Ian Chesterton thought that a warm fire and a supper prepared by his landlady seemed as far as away as New Zealand. (PROSE: Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks)

On Christmas Eve 2008, when Astrid Peth called Earth beautiful, the Tenth Doctor stated that the Pyramids of Egypt and New Zealand were beautiful, not the street of London on which they were standing. (TV: Voyage of the Damned)

When all the residents of the Hawkshaw Manor nursing home went missing (due to the fact that they had been teleported off world by the Eleventh Doctor), the cover story revealed that they had all emigrated to New Zealand. (COMIC: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night)

In the Unbound Universe when Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and the Doctor reunited, Lethbridge-Stewart revealed that he'd intended to retire to New Zealand but instead settled in Hong Kong. (AUDIO: Sympathy for the Devil)

Behind the scenes[]


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