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'''New Year's Eve''' was another name by which [[31 December]] was known. As the last day of the year —at least according to some [[Earth]] calendars — it was often a time for celebrations and parties, generally centred around midnight, when the last few seconds of a year could be experienced. Though the parties were often raucous, some individuals marked the occasion with sombre reflection on the passage of time.
It was not a well-known holiday in the [[Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire]], as [[Sara Kingdom]] did not recognise it. ([[TV]]: ''[[The Daleks' Master Plan]]'')
== Notable New Year's Eves ==
* [[1930]]: The [[Eighth Doctor]] finally brought [[Charley Pollard]] to the Raffles Hotel in [[Singapore]], but [[Sebastian Grayle|an old enemy of the Doctor]] soon forced them to leave for a whirlwind tour of history. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[Seasons of Fear]]'')
* [[1965]]: Chasing the [[Dalek]]s, the [[First Doctor]] briefly materialised his [[the Doctor's TARDIS|TARDIS]] in [[Trafalgar Square]] during the New Year's Eve celebrations. ([[TV]]: ''[[The Daleks' Master Plan]]'')
* [[1986]]: [[Ben Jackson|Ben]] and [[Polly Wright|Polly]] reunited long after their travels with the [[Second Doctor]] had ended. They reflected on the nature of their failed relationship, and their lives with different partners. ([[PROSE]]: ''[[Mondas Passing]]'')
* [[1999]]: The [[Sixth Doctor]] and [[Mel]] were twice in [[England]] on New Year's Eve of this year. Once they stopped an attack by the [[Great Intelligence]], ([[PROSE]]: ''[[Millennial Rites]]'') and on another occasion they prevented an attack by the [[Nestene Consciousness]]. ([[COMIC]]: ''[[Plastic Millenium (comic story)|Plastic Millenium]]'') The [[Seventh Doctor]] [[regeneration|regenerated]] when he was accidentally killed by the staff of [[Walker General Hospital]] in [[San Francisco]], and then prevented [[the Master]] from using [[the Doctor's TARDIS|the TARDIS]] to destroy the universe. ([[TV]]: ''[[Doctor Who (1996)|Doctor Who]]'') At the same time [[Iris Wildthyme]] faced a different threat in San Francisco. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[The Panda Invasion]]'') Meanwhile, in [[Cardiff]], [[Jack Harkness]] assumed leadership of [[Torchwood Three]], following a tragedy involving [[Alex Hopkins|the previous leader]]. ([[TV]]: ''[[Fragments (TV story)|Fragments]]'')
* [[2004]]: [[Rose Tyler]] missed a New Year's Eve party, thereby allowing her to unwittingly meet the regenerating [[Tenth Doctor]], prior to the instance when she first encountered the [[Ninth Doctor]]. ([[TV]]: ''[[The End of Time (TV story)|The End of Time]]'')
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