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New Worlds was a branding applied to some Big Finish Productions releases involving characters from the Doctor Who universe whose rights are not owned by BBC.


Title Author Featuring Published
Wildthyme on Top Paul Magrs (Org.) Iris Wildthyme, Tom 1 August 2005
The Coming of the Queen Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett Erimem 1 August 2005
Project: Valhalla Cavan Scott and Mark Wright Nimrod, Lysandra, Cassandra 1 September 2005

Audio dramas[]

Bernice Summerfield[]

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The Bernice Summerfield series stayed under the New Worlds imprint from Series 7 to Series 11, starting with the book Genius Loci and with the audio story The Tartarus Gate.

Iris Wildthyme[]

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