The New New York Hospital was a hospital near to the city of New New York run by the Sisters of Plenitude. It was clearly identifiable by its white structure and the green crescents on the structure.

The Hospital included areas for surgery, post-op and nano-dentistry and had a secret intensive care unit where the Flesh were kept for experimentation. When the Flesh were discovered in the year 5,000,000,023, the Hospital was closed down and the Sisters of Plenitude was dissolved by the New New York Police Department.

The Tenth Doctor complained of the fact the unlike other hospitals, this particular one didn't have a little shop.

Inside the hospital's basement at that time lived Lady Cassandra O'Brien and her half-life clone, Chip. (TV: New Earth)

The staff of the Hospital included Matron Casp, Sister Jatt and Novice Hame.

The patients of the Hospital included the Face of Boe, the Duke of Manhattan, an unnamed patient and a number of new humans.

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